How to pick the best iPad case?

There’s a lot of iPad cases available on the market today and it’s kinda hard to make a decision. So, before buying anything and not regret afterwards, you gotta know what you are up to with your iPad; is it just another home gadget or a business toy? Either way, one is for sure: you’ll always use it for typing emails and reading which means you should look for multi-angle stand view feature. Everything else literally depends on how much money you plan to invest.

Caveman case for iPad

caveman ipad case closedCaveman Case Co produces a high end, handmade iPad case. This Apple tablet case is available in two interior colors: night (black) and fire (red). The case itself delivers in it’s promise as an elegant, sharp and sophisticated light weight case READ MORE

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New Targus Truss Leather Folio

targus truss ipad introNot so long time ago we’ve published an article about upcoming iPad cases Targus. And finally we’ve got one: Targus Truss leather folio case. It comes in three colors; beige, brown and black. Outside is the top quality grain leather perfectly READ MORE

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Yoobao Leather Folio Case is the best

yoobao iPad introIs it really the best iPad case on the market? Not exactly, but definitive one of best coming from Chinese manufacturer and winning good reviews. First of all, there are several quite similar folio cases from the same manufacturer; AYL, READ MORE

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ZooGue Smart iPad Case

zooGue smart case at any angleRemember Brenthaven’s 5-in-1? Right now we have an iPad case which is tight close to its functionality with one extra Pro: ZooGue Smart Case is made of real reinforced leather and more close to folio style. It has everything you READ MORE

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Brenthaven 5-in-1 iPad case

Brenthaven 5-in-1 ipad case Typing StandThere’s really something cool coming from Brenthaven: brand new, innovative 5-in-1 case for you iPad with 100% lifetime guarantee. I guess 30 years of experience and market presence of Brenthaven brand is quite enough to convince anyone about the quality READ MORE

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Philips Slim Sleeve case

philips slim sleeve introNot so long time ago Philips released 2 iPad sleeve-like cases one of which is Slim Sleeve. Many other similar products have been presented here but this one is kinda special sleeve. Basically, sleeve-like cases are meant to hold/protect your device READ MORE

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Marware Eco-Envi leather sleevecase

Marware Eco-Envi iPad sleevecase introMarware’s Eco-Envi is another stylish envelope-like iPad case. Simple and elegant design, made of eco-friendly leather plus soft fleece interior make this product really attractive for both women and men. Even the price dropped to affordable value! It should be pointed READ MORE

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Fossil for iPad – Leather Sleevecase

fossil ipad sleeve case introThis is the first Fossil® sleevecase we are about to review. There are two more cool sleeves which will be reviewed a soon as we get them from Amazon. First thing we gotta say is that Fossil® Tablet Cover – Decker READ MORE

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Elan Sleeve by Griffin

elan sleeve griffinNot so long time ago we did a review of Griffin’s Elan Passport folio case. No need to say it’s another great product from Griffin, actually all of them are made of top quality materials and have an eye-catching design. Just READ MORE

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CODi Capsule

cody capsule sleve introCODi’s Capsule is nothing more but simple, neoprene made sleeve for your Apple tablet. It’s definitely not an on-the-go solution although it may be considered as such (declared as “ultra-portable solution” by manufacturer) if you decide to take a risk. We READ MORE

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iPad Messenger Bag by Cocoon

cocoon messenger bag introThis is the first Cocoon product reviewed here so we were excited to see what this messenger style bag can do. First of all, it’s made of ballistic nylon which was developed for protection and abrasion resistance. Secondly, this iPad bag uses READ MORE

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Shoulder Carrying Case by Simplism

simplism ipad carrying case introFinally we’ve got a product made of real leather! 95% of items declared as leather-made are actually fake but this shoulder strap carrying case by Simplism is for real. That’s why its weight goes slightly above 1 pound which is quite READ MORE

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The Famous Elan Passport Review

Elan Passport Folio Case introThis product was a direct opponent to Apple’s case when released in March this year. And there are several reasons why Griffin Technology Elan Passport left his opponent far behind. Although we wish this is real leather made product, the price itself READ MORE

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Folio Styled by CaseCrown

casecrown cotton weave folio introCaseCrown is known as a reliable and high quality products manufacturer – not only for iPad but all other electronics devices (iPod, IiPhone, e-book readers, laptops, etc.). And we’ve got one of the best folio style cases here for review. It’s made READ MORE

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Incipio underGROUND Envelope Pouch

Incipio underground pouch fullIncipio brand is very well known for over 10 years. Beside manufacturing huge collection of electronics accessories, they have started making stuff for iPad too. Honestly spoken, Incipio really tends to develop the highest quality products among which is this hot READ MORE

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Marware Eco-Flip

Marware eco-flip introNo matter the fact it’s quite heavy (1 pound), this tanned eco-leather folio style case by Marware is beautiful. I guess the secret of weight is in the front cover to stay more firmly closed (heavy cardboard or something like READ MORE

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The Maya Pouch

Proporta Maya iPad pouchBelieve it or not, Maya II pouch is so soft in hand, it was the first thing that amazed us about this iPad cover (sleeve). Its surface is made of a synthetic leather-like fabric, feels like lamb skin or something. READ MORE

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Deluxe Leather Folio by DMS

deluxe leather iPad folio case by dmsDMS Deluxe Leather Folio Case feels soft and provides quite good grip in hand. There are four different angle position stands (the prop up slots) which work great for typing or just viewing the content. Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you READ MORE

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