We are two iPad freaks who decided to run a website about the best iPad cases, sleeves, portfolios, carrying cases and other accessories available on the market today. How things work over here? We send an email (or even make a call) to manufacturer and ask for a copy. In case we get knocked off – we simply order a product from Amazon and get it back after a review. Not quite fair method but at least we don’t break the law – everyone is allowed to return purchased item. However, sometimes we don’t want to make a return just because certain iPad case is so great. Actually, 90% of cases and sleeves you can find reviewed here at our website are supposed to be kept. We can always re-wrap them up and turn into birthday gifts.

How to send iPad case for review?

It’s simple. Use contact form to let us know about your product. If you already have a website – point us to product page first. We’ll definitely take a look and let you know where and how to send your iPad case for review. So what you could gain by doing so? Believe it or not – sale increase. This site has a lot of traffic, many people read our reviews and a small investment called product (it’s not even money) could literally bring you at least NNN new sales. As simple as that. You gonna invest into marketing a whole lot more anyway so let this be your first and cheapest investment.