You can now easily advertise your product on our website! Fully automated system has been set for all potential advertisers so here is a quick overview on how it works…
There are 4 available zones where you can place your ads:

  • 960×370px homepage big banner
  • 594×90px article banner
  • 300×250px sidebar topmost banner
  • 125×125px sidebar ads

960×370px homepage big banner

big banner 960x370px
This should be the most attractive ad zone for you because it has been placed in header of an index page. Beside the fact it’s the largest banner of all other available banner sizes, site visitors will see it before the rest of the content. You can really put a lot of info inside and thus attract potential buyers.
Big banner zone is reserved for a max of 3 banners which will be auto-rotated randomly.

594×90px article banner

article banner 594x90px
Once you place your banner here, it will be visible in each and every published Article and iPad case review page. This position should bring the most traffic to your website so be sure to make it as attractive as possible for all of your potential customers/buyers.
This is the second zone ad space and is reserved for a max of 3 banners which will be auto-rotated randomly.

300×250px sidebar topmost banner

side banner 300x250px
Standard size banner which is supposed to be displayed in all available sidebars. Index page is the only page without a sidebar so this banner should be displayed on top of each inner page sidebar. Another great position to advertise your product because site visitors should spot it immediately.
This third zone ad space – just like two other before – is reserved for a max of 3 banners which will be auto-rotated randomly.

125×125px sidebar ads

These are standard size mini ads which are displayed in sidebar of all inner pages. As already mentioned, index page is the only one which doesn’t use/contain sidebar so it is the only page where your 125×125px banners will not be visible. Position in sidebar of inner pages may vary a little bit – please check it out before buying your ad space.
There are 6 available slots for 125×125px ads which means not more than 6 will be displayed at the same time. On a side note, this banners are not auto-rotated, only one will be displayed per available slot.


Here’s a short list of eventual questions that you might have but don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s more from your side!

I’m an advertiser, do I have an access to my ad(s) stats?

Sure you do! Once your order is accepted and processed, an email is sent to you. This email contains a link to stats page from which you can track both: number of times your banner has been displayed and how many people actually clicked on it.

How long it’ll take for my order to be processed?

It may take from 1 to 12 hours. Basically, it depends on your time zone offset.

Why is my banner rejected?

It’s probably because it contains a link to porn or offensive content site. As long as you advertise all audience suitable content or a product – you can be safe. However, we reserve the rights to judge upon third party site content/product.

Will I be able to cancel my ad space purchase?

No. Once you place an order and once your order is approved/accepted by us there’s no way to ask for refund. However, in case your order is still in queue and you contact us in the mean time – we will be able to cancel it and make refund.

Do you offer paid reviews on your site?

Yes we do. You can zip up to 5 hi-res images (1600×1200px) of your product along with desired text/content (up to 1600 words) and we will publish it on our site. Product review can contain a link to hosted video file as well.
The price of a paid review is $75.00.

Will you be able to create a banner for my product?

Sure! Just send desired banner text with images + your company logo (vector format .ai, .eps or at least 800×600px PNG with alpha channel) and we’ll design one for you.
How does it work?
Within 3-5 business days we send you at least 3 (up to 5) different banner designs. You pick the one you like and publish it by yourself, using our ad space selling system. What is the price?

  • Static 960×370px homepage big banner : $120.00
  • Static 594×90px article banner : $95.00
  • Static 300×250px sidebar topmost banner : $86.00
  • 125×125px sidebar ads : $55.00