iKit Leather Folio – good choice? Bad choice.

ikit leather ipad case introWith the price of $39.95, this leather made folio seems like a good choice. However, if we take a deeper look into this product, we might find certain lacks which do not seem so great. This case should enable easy typing and reading because of its view-stand feature but, believe it or not, there is no way to secure it into a portrait standing position – it just slips down. Thanks to the metal strip (by the way, it looks like a nice design detail), landscape operating position is quite safe for usage.
The cover flap itself has a magnetic closure. Anyone would expect to make a small, little, tiny effort to open it up but it seems like a weak breeze is quite enough to achieve the same. It just doesn’t work. As for a metal strip on the front side of this iKit’s folio case – try to avoid contact with hard surfaces. Even your finger nails could leave scratches. On top of that, many people make complaints regarding customer service of iKit manufacturer, especially if you try to get this case back to China. It may cost you a whole lot more money than the product itself. You decide.
Now I guess it’s time to say something nice about it. Well, it seems like it’s made of real Chinese cow skin.


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ikit leather ipad case side view
ikit leather ipad case stand view
ikit leather ipad case horizontal view
ikit leather ipad case metal strap

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