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Portel iPad cases introI can bet you already heard about Portel and cases or sleeves they make for iPad, iPhone,iPod an MacBook! Portel is Tallinn, Estonia (north of the Europe) based small manufacturer with an interesting story of how it all began. Believe it or not, it all began in the attic when one of the co-founders – Piret – decided to rummage through old clothes, trying to find favorite and probably forgotten childhood stuff. Her attention was attracted by a pair of authentic leather-felt combo boots from the early 20th century. Because she had been looking for a specific type of purse at that time (wasn’t able to find it anywhere), this pair of boots seemed as a perfect design idea.
Based upon what she has made, Aavo (Piret’s partner and an avid Mac user) decided to generalize things a little bit right at the time the iPad hype reached Estonia.
Basically, we are not about to review any specific Portel made iPad case or sleeve, we are rather about to point your attention to entire collection which can be seen at their Etsy Shop. All of their Apple products cases or sleeves are hand made, all of them use that leather and felt combo which appears to be characteristic for Portel. Another thing which can be assigned to the look/design of their products is that retro-modern look which most likely arises out of materials they use.
The prices are a little bit higher – if we compare it to commercial products but HEY, these cases are handmade and if you really want to have a unique, everlasting and high quality piece of “clothes” for your iPad you gonna go for it.


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Portel iPad feminine bag
Portel iPad leather case
Portel iPad leather bag with shoulder strap
Portel iPad sleeves collection

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