KeyCase iPad Folio with integrated keyboard

KeyCase iPad Folio proppedMany will say “Why don’t you buy a notebook instead? It’s cheaper!”, which is partially true! iPad prices currently range (depends on model) from $300 to $650 and KeyCase iPad Folio is additional $90. I guess you can’t buy new MacBook for $750 unless you don’t mind buying used from ebay or something. So, it’s your personal choice.
KeyCase iPad Folio has an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and works really nice with your Apple tablet – that’s the fact. For all of you preferring good old fashioned way of text enter this iPad case will be more than useful; simply flap the top/cover, prop up your device and start typing. Otherwise you can start looking for non-integrated keyboard case :)
Currently you can’t buy it officially yet – although UK’s GearZap gives you a chance to make a pre-order (saying the product is out of stock). My personal opinion is that KeyCase will definitely find its place on the market. Not only because of that Bluetooth keyboard but because of all other characteristics. Or maybe that in-case keyboard will become a global trend soon, just take a look how you iPad can look like with ClamCase!


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