Pad and Quill or DoDo case?

pad and quill ipad introNo so long time ago you could read an article on DoDo case for Apple tablet. It seems like there’s another similar product on the market and it comes from Pad and Quill. The truth is that this book-like ipad case has a little bit higher price (currently around $55.00) so let’s analyze why is that for. Basically, both P&Q and DoDo have wooden frame, share the style and we dare to say P&Q has grabbed the chance in the market supply on behalf of relative slow delivery time of DoDo case (3-4 weeks). Yeap, we can’t say delivery time of 2-3 weeks is super quick for P&Q but from consumer’s point of view it does make a huge difference.
Pad and Quill is a small company from Minneapolis with a goal to provide the most beautiful handmade cases for Apple gadgets. So, this could be an answer to your question “why it takes so long to get it?”.
This book-like folio case is made (carved) of Baltic Birch with 4 rubber grips in corners which hold your iPad securely inside. Precise cut-outs make all the buttons and ports accessible, front cover and back side are made of hard cardboard – just like a book, and sleeved with material that reminds on leather. It gives you a nice grip in hands, more precisely you gonna feel like carrying a book instead of tablet. Another great things about this iPad case are patent pending sound channel and red bookmark that allows for easy removal of your device. Stand view feature allows easy typing and reading on flat surface or a lap.
The final word: great ipad case definitely worth the money!


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pad and quill ipad wooden frame
pad and quill ipad opened
pad and quill ipad port cutts
pad and quill ipad in lap
pad and quill ipad view stand
pad and quill ipad perspective

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