Caveman case for iPad

caveman ipad case closedCaveman Case Co produces a high end, handmade iPad case. This Apple tablet case is available in two interior colors: night (black) and fire (red). The case itself delivers in it’s promise as an elegant, sharp and sophisticated light weight case for your device – it weighs under a pound!
Along with a a luxurious, screen friendly, velvet interior, heavy duty moleskine straps securely hold the iPad in place, and its flexible spine allows you to use your iPad in landscape, portrait mode or on an incline for an easy typing experience. With minimal inlay material, the Caveman Case is the least distracting, secure and fully functional iPad case on the market.
Caveman Case now also offers a customizable option for your business. Instead of their company logo, your business can place their logo on the back of each case. Check out this high quality iPad Case and order one today.


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caveman ipad case top
caveman ipad case side
caveman ipad case opened
caveman ipad case typing position
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