iPad Messenger Bag by Cocoon

cocoon messenger bag introThis is the first Cocoon product reviewed here so we were excited to see what this messenger style bag can do. First of all, it’s made of ballistic nylon which was developed for protection and abrasion resistance. Secondly, this iPad bag uses Cocoon patented GRID-IT!™ system for organizational storage in a vertical design. And it has a lot of storage! Specially designed adjustable shoulder strap will let this bag simply sling over your body in different ways and thus provide hands free solution when carrying your device. Great when paddling your bike and the rain is pouring down like crazy :) The very first thing we’ve noticed is a clear, touch-through window pocket on the front – probably made to hold an iPhone. No matter what we wouldn’t keep it there because of a simple reason: it stays unprotected. As already mentioned before, this bag is full of extra storage. The back side has a large pocket that could hold magazines or even a bunch of papers, while the center is zippered compartment supposed to keep your tablet quite firmly. Rubberized woven elastic organizer is there for holding small accessories – as a part of GRID-IT!™ system. Two zippered pockets on the front provide even more space to hold a ton of different items. I guess this product was designed to serve as a small luggage bag beside its primary function. Either way, it’s good idea to enclose your Apple tablet inside some hard shell or another slim case before putting it into this bag because, literally, this bag doesn’t provide any protection from impacts.


  • Durable and water resistant
  • High quality materials and finish
  • A lot of configurable space
  • 3 different colors to pick from
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Poor impacts protection



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cocoon messenger bag top
cocoon messenger bag back side
cocoon messenger bag front
cocoon messenger bag grid-it system


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