New Targus Truss Leather Folio

targus truss ipad introNot so long time ago we’ve published an article about upcoming iPad cases Targus. And finally we’ve got one: Targus Truss leather folio case.
It comes in three colors; beige, brown and black. Outside is the top quality grain leather perfectly stitched to match the color of the soft inner lining. Honestly we don’t like that cyan/blue interior, the color is simply too strong while the stitches outside are just cool. Basically, it goes for other two color variants of this iPad case.
The case itself along with device can be propped/locked into one of two angles (view stands) in order to make both reading and typing more comfortable. Once you frame your tablet with this folio case, no need to take it out because all the ports and buttons are accessible. Elastic secure strap will take care about opening and closing and does the job decently. We don’t dare to say that Targuss Truss will protect your iPad 100%. Why? Because three out of four sides of your device are kinda exposed and not protected. The grip is really good because of that grain texture but the feel is somehow bulky. It could be thinner if that inner lining is not so “fat”. Overall, great product with a price little bit gone to high. However, this is Targus and Targus means guarantee of quality.


  • Real, top quality grain leather
  • Perfect finish
  • Two-angle stand view
  • All ports and buttons are accessible
  • Good grip
  • Appealing desing
  • It comes in three color variants


  • Inner lining color is too strong
  • Somehow bulky, it could be thinner
  • 3 out of 4 edges remain exposed and unprotected



More Images

targus truss ipad opened
targus truss ipad closed
targus truss ipad backside
targus truss ipad view stand
targus truss ipad detail


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